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With over 25 years of direct patient care experience as well as over 30 years of research in the addiction space, we are committed to developing a uniquely innovative model of care.
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North-Star Care is Women-Owned

Three experienced, passionate women have joined forces (again) to solve for widespread challenges in the addiction treatment industry. These leaders understand that patients and families deserve nothing less than uncompromising empathy and the highest quality care.

Meet the Team
Our Care Teams

Wraparound Support

At North-Star Care, the patient is surrounded by an ecosystem of support.

North-Star Care Team

About Our Team-Based Care:

  • Clinician

    Your Clinician, a licensed physician, nurse-practitioner, or physician’s assistant, will lead your clinical team and oversee all medical interventions. Interventions will be chosen in patient-provider collaboration based on your clinical history, genetic profile, and lab results.

  • Nurse

    Your Nurse is your primary contact for your medical care. Your Nurse works with your prescribing clinician to ensure that your clinical care is very well coordinated. A nurse is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

  • North-Star Navigator

    Your North-Star Navigator coordinates your care with the rest of your team to ensure that you have all the support you need to meet your personal treatment goals. Your navigator is responsible for identifying resources for you to overcome any barriers you might have in your treatment path. Your navigator is your first point of contact at North-Star Care.

  • Complementary Care Advocate

    Your Complementary Care Advocate (CCA) is responsible for identifying behavioral and social supports to successful treatment and identifying resources for you to overcome any treatment barrier you might have. Your CCA helps you map out which behavioral supports are most beneficial for you. Options include traditional and alternative therapies.

  • Peer Guide

    Having lived experience, your Peer Guide will work with very closely with you to develop your treatment goals and be there with you as you succeed in attaining them. Peer guides meet with patients both in support groups and in 1:1 experiences. Your Peer Guide will work with you to identify social and support challenges and find solutions that work best for you.


Our Founders and Executive Leadership

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Amanda Wilson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
alcohol treatment
Lisa Chiodo, PhD
Chief Science Officer
alcohol treatment
Joan Erwin, RN
Chief Development Officer
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North-Star Care is looking forward to accepting new patients in early 2022, when we will begin delivering empathetic, stigma-free care in limited U.S. markets. If you are interested in having North-Star available in your state or if you'd like more information about participating in a research study or joining our feedback team, please let us know by completing a request for information.SUBMIT REQUEST
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