What is North-Star Care?

North-Star Care is a program that removes barriers and dramatically improves the effectiveness of Alcohol Use Disorder treatment.
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About The Program

What is North-Star Care?

North-Star Care is a virtual alcohol treatment program intended to replace in-person rehab. We pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive, team-based medical program available to those struggling with alcohol addiction. At North-Star Care, we understand that alcohol addiction is a chronic disease. We provide proven medical treatment along with uncompromising empathy, which drives our commitment to help patients. Our goal is to disrupt the paradigm, improve the system, and innovate the way people with alcohol addiction receive care.

Meet the Team
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How are we different?

  • We do not require that all patients stop drinking
  • Our state of the art treatment protocols evolve constantly through AI/machine learning
  • Care providers collaborate with patients to achieve patient-driven goals in a stigma-free environment
  • We apply genetic testing to guide individualized treatment plans
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Eliminating Barriers to Treatment

Cannot afford Rehab?

With Rehab typically costing $30,000-$100,000, many people cannot afford treatment. Our pricing structure is adjustable, affordable, and provides at least one year of treatment, not just 30 days.

Not ready to stop using?

Abstinence is not required. Patients have the option to moderate drinking with pharmacologic and behavioral support, so more people are able to engage in treatment earlier. You don’t have to hit bottom to get help!

Not happy with current care?

We understand, most facilities provide one-size-fits-all treatment. At North-Star, we have many different options that are customized to your interests and needs.

Don’t know where to go for treatment?

No need to have to “go” anywhere for treatment. The treatment, including all medical and behavioral supports, are virtual. North-Star is raising awareness about alcohol use disorder and proper medical treatment through social media campaigns and provider education.

Transportation problems?

Not an issue, all care is virtual by Telehealth, or with your Virtual Reality headset (provided).

Concerned that 30 days is not enough?

Long-term treatment is more effective. Studies show the longer someone is in treatment, the better the outcomes.

Worried about others knowing?

Privacy is of utmost importance. Telehealth clinical care is completely private, peer support engagements are both via telehealth and/or virtual reality; you can create your own Avatar. In VR, digital voice-over enhancement is available to ensure peer encounters are entirely anonymous.

Worried about finding time for care?

Not a problem. 24/7 appointment options are available You do not have to leave your home to get care.

About VR Peer Support

  • What is it?

    Patients meet with others who have lived experience and a peer guide moderator to discuss challenges, barriers, and successes while in treatment. Patients can also meet with their personal peer guide for one-on-one visits using VR support. Imagine walking on a beach while talking to your Peer Guide!

  • How does it work?

    While wearing a VR headset, patients join groups and one-on-one support sessions through the North-Star VR application. All VR support rooms are HIPAA-compliant and completely private requiring a password to enter. Pick your Avatar, gender, ethnicity, and voice so that you feel comfortable and free to express yourself. A VR headset is provided to each patient at the onset of treatment.

  • What are the results?

    Across many different types of support groups, patients of all ages have reported a preference for VR support group over in-person and video conference support groups.

We Have Answers

North-Star Care FAQ

Reducing addiction stigma through education.

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Please reach out to hear more about our program and how it can be designed just for you!

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North-Star Care is looking forward to accepting new patients in early 2022, when we will begin delivering empathetic, stigma-free care in limited U.S. markets. If you are interested in having North-Star available in your state or if you'd like more information about participating in a research study or joining our feedback team, please let us know by completing a request for information.SUBMIT REQUEST
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